My Rates

My primary focus and skill set are in producing music videos. However, I will occasionally provide BTS (behind the scenes) photography services for my commissioned video projects. I do not do work heavy in CGI or Special FX.


$250 Continuous Shoot:

1hr shoot, unlimited takes. Includes post production.

$450 Three-Camera Live Set Shoot:

1hr live set shoot with three individual cameras shooting from separate positions. Includes post production.
$500 Package:
2hr shoot for song up to 4 minutes long. Includes post production and 2 revisions.
Time-based Filming/Editing:
• Shooting - Hourly (per camera) = $100/hr

• Post Production (includes 2 minor revisions) = $100 per minute of finished project.
• Additional Post Production = $100 per hour.
• Additional equipment may require additional fees.

*Time for equipment setup and teardown is billed at hourly shooting rate.

*Travel is additional at $1.00 per mile from 401 N Main St, Temple, TX to the first shoot location, plus $1.00 per mile between additional locations.

*50% deposit required to schedule shoot. Invoice balance due before post-production begins.

*To discourage no-shows and excessive reschedules for Pro Bono assignments, artist must pay a $100 non-refundable booking fee per 4-hr block before shoot will be scheduled. Includes 1 free reschedule. Additional reschedules billed at full booking rate.


Post production includes editing, color grading, encoding.

Providing a link to the song and a description of your video's concept would be beneficial in helping me decide whether I can meet your needs or not. Clients who have complete storyboards available take priority.

Please email me and we can discuss the specifics of your shoot.

Prices are negotiable within reason, but significant discounts are primarily available only to previous clients. I accept cash, credit cards, Google Pay, and PayPal.

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